Assisted reproduction: clearing up doubts!

1/10/2020 /// Advices

Assisted reproduction is a delicate and relatively unknown field for most people. We know of the existence of special treatments that help couples who cannot have children naturally, but if we were asked something more specific, we probably wouldn’t know how to answer. Assisted reproduction is one of those things that you only end up knowing about in detail if you need it, or if someone from your circle of friends or family are undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment.

In Figueres and the whole cross-border area, the FIV Obradors clinic is a leader in the field of assisted reproduction thanks to its professionalism, advanced technology and the hands-on approach with which each patient is treated. Every month, aware of the ignorance that still exists around assisted reproduction, Dr Josep and Dr Albert Obradors answer all kinds of doubts in the chat of the digital edition of the “Setmanari de l’Alt Empordà” newspaper. This initiative began almost with the opening of the FIV Obradors clinic, in the middle of 2017 and, since then, they have answered over 500 questions. For this reason, the weekly newspaper decided to publish a selection of the questions and answers on assisted reproduction in its print edition on 28 January 2020. Reading them, you will better know the field of assisted reproduction and understand the great work done by the FIV Obradors team.

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