Dr Obradors,
speaker at the
SAMERE conference

12/18/2019 /// News

A few weeks ago, Dr Albert Obradors, laboratory director of the FIV Obradors clinic, had the pleasure of being one of two Spanish speakers invited to the SAMERE conference (Sociéte Algérienne de Médecine de la Reproduction, Algerian Society for Reproductive Medicine in English).

On this occasion, his speech, entitled Fau’il toujours transférer a J5, dealt with the need to cultivate the embryos until they reach the blastocyte stage. During his speech, he explained that this is the ideal option, but that each case must always be studied individually. Despite this, he also highlighted that if there are very few embryos, their transfer on day 3 is recommended. His entire speech was based on scientific fact and, of course, on his own professional experience leading FIV Obradors.

Approximately 500 people attended this conference, which included speakers from France, the United Kingdom, Morocco and Egypt. As always, Dr Albert Obradors appreciates being able to attend this kind of event as it is an excellent opportunity to share his knowledge with other experts from all over the world.

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