The best
for our patients

2/5/2019 /// General

FIV Obradors always uses avant-garde technology to guarantee the best results. An example of this is our use of the Fertile Chip for all of our patients without exception and at no extra cost.
This is a chip that allows us to select sperms and choose those that have no ADN alterations. The sperms selected using this chip—which was designed by Harvard University in the USA—generate a greater number of higher-quality embryos and, above all, better blastocysts.
Use of this chip is especially appropriate for patients who have had miscarriages in the past. We should emphasise that very few clinics use it and, when they do, it is only for very specific patients with a history of previous miscarriages and they also charge the patient extra for it.
Our patients are our priority at FIV Obradors and we want to provide them with the most appropriate treatment without exception and with no surprises. That is why, at FIV Obradors, we use the Fertile Chip for all our patients at no extra cost.

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