Why us?

At FIV Obradors we work with the highest excellence in fertility treatments to help couples and people who wish to have a child achieve that dream. We make all the technical advances and knowledge in the fields of gynaecology, biology and genetics available to you, as well as close, psychological support to facilitate the comfort of those involved.


Why should you come to FIV Obradors?

You are not a number

We offer a personalised treatmentso you know we listen and support you at all times. You are our priority.

Always ready

We adapt to your biological calendar to optimise the treatment and favour success. We don’t mind if it is Sunday or Christmas Day.

We are not a franchise

You will always have the same Doctor by your side to accompany you from the beginning until pregnancy is achieved.

The best or nothing

We offer you the technology that only the big centres worldwide use, to guarantee excellence, and with our own operating room and laboratories to control the whole process.

No surprises

Time-Lapse, Culture until blastocyst, Freezing of embryos, identity control micro-chips, ICSI, Assisted hatching and tests, included in the price. We also include the hormonal study during stimulation and the pregnancy test.

We make it easy for you

The first informative visit is free and we help you finance the treatment in monthly instalments with no interest.


We are passionate about what we do and helping people bring a child into the world. We help create life and achieving this fills us with satisfaction.


You will only do the tests and processes that are necessary, we are transparent about the possibilities of success and we do not abuse your trust in us.

By your side

We know that fertility treatments can be psychologically difficult and that is why we help you by providing close, psychological support if you need it.

Both partners are key

We study the male factor and aim to improve it: fragmentation study with COMET, selection with Fertile chip, reduction of abstinence and no centrifuge of the samples. The semen is important and we take care of it.

Four blastocytes minimum

All the eggs obtained from a donor are for you and you will have at least 4 top-quality embryos frozen at D+5. If that is not the case, a discount will be applied for each embryo that we do not obtain.

100% privacy

We have a private waiting room for each couple, a private car park and visits are organised so that you never coincide with another patient. Your peace of mind is our priority.

We have our own operating room and laboratories, designed to control the whole process and to avoid transporting sperm, eggs or embryos to other centres. We want what is best and most comfortable for you.

At FIV Obradors we offer you personalised treatment for the most comfort: we listen, support and make you feel unique. Our entire clinic is at your disposal.

Do you want to have a baby?

We offer a completerange of treatments using state-of-the-art technology and with a professional, honest and close approach. We want to make you feel at home.

We  wish to accompany you in a close and committed way during such an important process

We monitor all the stages required to obtain a pregnancy: consultation, laboratory and operating room. We aim for excellence each step of the way.

Ask for your free informative visit