The FIV Obradors incubator

1/11/2019 /// General

At FIV Obradors, you already know that we are committed to using the latest technology to provide the best quality service to our patients. For this reason, all the assisted reproduction equipment in our clinic has been very carefully chosen to meet our expectations. One of them is our incubator; below, we explain what makes it so special and unique.

Our incubator comes from Australia and is extremely useful as it takes a photograph of the embryos every five minutes. As a result, we can constantly and exhaustively monitor the embryos without taking them out or altering their culture conditions. Obviously, this is extremely important progress for assisted reproduction. In fact, we are one of very few centres in Spain that has this kind of incubator and a sample identification system that uses chips to avoid any mistakes.

In short, technology is one of the pillars of FIV Obradors because we believe we could not achieve the excellence and success that our patients need without it. You will find only the best at FIV Obradors!

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