Vocation and knowledge: the keys to success!

3/1/2019 /// News

At FIV Obradors we don’t like to flaunt what we do just because, we want the results and our patients’ satisfaction to speak for themselves. For this reason, we want to briefly explain two cases in which treatments carried out at FIV Obradors have resulted in the patients getting pregnant straight away.

Firstly, we have a 44-year old patient who came to us after 10 years of infertility and four rounds of IVF with her own eggs in France and three rounds of IVF with donor eggs in Madrid. Bearing this medical history in mind, at FIV Obradors we carried out a semen fragmentation study (COMET assay) and an endometrial receptivity study, which indicated the existence of alterations so, before continuing, the relevant treatment was carried out. Later, we did an egg donor cycle and of the six blastocysts obtained, we transferred two to the patient. The result was a pregnancy that continues to progress and the patient has recovered the feeling of excitement.

In the second case, the patient is 46 years old. Over three years, she did one round of IVF with her own eggs in Barcelona and two with donor eggs in Girona. In total, eleven embryos were transferred with no success! When she arrived at FIV Obradors and told us her medical history, we decided to do a semen fragmentation study (COMET assay) and a complete blood test thanks to which we detected an alteration and an auto-immune problem. The relevant treatments were done and with one egg donor cycle we obtained 8 blastocysts, of which we transferred one to the patient. Today, the patient is experiencing her pregnancy with great emotion because, after a long wait, her dream has come true.

Treating these kinds of cases and achieving such good results is the best reward for us. It is proof of our commitment and our knowledge of how to get to the root of the problem; assisted reproduction requires research, vocation and proximity!

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